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Hiya *ahem*

Hiya everyone! I'm new here...and well I'm going to give you one of those "I'm new hello everyone" speeches so just put up with me for now ^_-

Hello everyone, my name is Rayne (well that's what you can call me)....I have an obsession....anime...that's right I am an Otaku
(Here's where you all say "Hi Rayne")
I have been extremely intrested in anime since 6th grade and I am now a sophomore in high school so I guess that'd be....*counts on fingers* 5 years. I have such a long list of anime that I can barely think of half of them most of the time hence why there aren't many shows in my intrests...but trust me...I love most of them ^_-

Okies I'm done with that now. So I'll talk to all you cool people later! Byes for now~
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